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THE LOUNGE / Howard Hugh's Corp
« on: May 18, 2015, 10:41:30 PM »,_Nevada

Wow I didn't know Howard Hugh's Corp was into Development till today and I had to look it up. This is the same community I maybe moving to in June after the 15th when I retire. There is a Town home style Condo there I'm looking into Buying and has a TWA themed Living Room and Galley/Kitchen. AirWest themed man cave and Garage. Even has a nice outdoor pool/hot-tub/minibar. Best deal is if I buy it cause it is in the Howard Hugh's Corporation Development no Property Tax's no Vegas, Clark Cnty nor NV. I also get a waiver of 50% off monthly development fee's which is still less then paying greedy tax man lol. So I'll have a few clams left over. Maybe I can get the Pool guys over to tile the bottle with TWA and a DC3 lol. I get it and land the deal, I'll take picture's, if my wife doesn't steal my camera again :o. We've been spending a lot time off in the Red Rock Canyon Camping or over by the Hoover Dam, Moab Utah to name a few. I'm really liking this beautiful part of our Nation. Last night was anther matter of Aviation Importance. I was on duty last night with DHS at KLAS and had to emergency take the Runway and escort a Frontier Airbus to the DHS Safe Zone and medically remove the PIC at his req. The pilot is doing Ok but his sight is messed up still. Some jerk near the KLAS AOR pinged the Airbus and got him with a green lasar err. The FO had to take control and under his control called Tower and declared a Hot Emergency for DHS. Besides me on the ground DHS launched 4 helicopter's and 2 LVMPD Helo's to hunt the laser shooter. They spent 4 hours hunting to no avail. Wild Vegas is all I say. Oh and Las Vegas city wise is challenging Clark County for KLAS control. If they get it, KLAS will be renamed Howard Hugh's Int. City of Vegas considers TWA's Founder an Icon and Legend/Founder of Las Vegas. His picture hangs in all the Casino's outside of Paradise. most of the Casino's on the Strip are in Paradise, but several on the Strip left and annexed to Las Vegas in a campaign to topple Clark County and consolidate Clark County to the City of Las Vegas. Joint Base Nellis with Creech also joined the cause by booting the public school off base and bringing in a private a school and other service's. Tomorrow I'm off to buy some TWA, AirWest relics at an auction.

THE LOUNGE / He's Back
« on: July 10, 2011, 07:27:16 PM »
Fellow simmer's the Iconic Model Builder Mike Stone is back from Retirement.

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